About Mister Oud

Where it all started for Mister Oud

The story of Mister Oud started back in 2010 with our first visit to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was there where we came into contact for the very first time with these delicious, oriental scents in many beautiful shopping malls and in the various souks. These mysterious scents were nothing like we had smelled before and captured our interest. It opened a new world of looking at perfumes, cosmetics and everything using lovely scents. From a western point of view this was a revelation. Being born and raised in multi cultural Amsterdam and having Arabic roots in Morocco, we already were familiar with some of the Arabic scents like Musk and Amber. But this was different, fresh, warm, new and very satisfying. But what was it? It was the smell of Oud!  
Oud is used in many products like aroma diffusers, perfumes and in its pure form; as wood chips. Back in 2010 one of the biggest international fashion brands like TOM FORD, was one of the first to use Oud in their perfumes like “Black Orchid”. This lovely unisex smell was one of the most populair perfumes used at that time in that region. Being curious we bought two bottles of this perfume, not knowing it was relatively expensive. But we didn’t care as it was something very special for us.
Mission & Vision

Mister Oud aims to break the barrier of exclusivity and luxury associated with Oud by offering a wide range of Oud-scented products, such as perfumes, body wash, hand wash, Bakhoor, and air fresheners, at affordable prices on our webshop. We want to make Oud accessible to everyone who loves it.

Our goal is to make Oud-scented products as popular as western fragrances used in cosmetics, bridging the "scent" gap between the Middle East and the West.