Pearlanera - Royal Amber 100ML Reed Diffuser

240,00 kr

Craft an alluring domestic ambiance with these opulent aromatic reed diffusers hailing from our esteemed Private PEARLANERA Compilation. Inspired by the profound Eastern resonance of oud, these fragrances elegantly amalgamate with lavish spices and velvety nuances, birthing an olfactory elixir of profound singularity. Permit the enigmatic strata of these exclusive aromas to tenderly converse with your innermost being, bestowing a serene equipoise upon your psyche. The scented reeds, enshrined within an exquisitely conceived crystalline vessel, emit a delicate and beguiling perfume without necessitating inversion. Should a more intensified olfactory voyage be your preference, a mere modulation in the positioning of the reeds is all that is required to cater to your inclinations. Revel in the sophistication of a distinctive and uncommon ambiance that persists for a duration of up to five lunar cycles. For an enhanced aromatic journey, pair these reeds with a complementary candle to augment your sensory encounter.

This compilation offers a total selection of six aromatic alternatives; we wholeheartedly invite you to explore each one.