Pearlanera - Oak Wood 100ML Reed Diffuser

239,00 kr

Evoke a welcoming domicile atmosphere with the opulent aroma reed diffusers hailing from our exclusive PEARLANERA Private Collection. These fragrances, inspired by the profound Oriental essences of oudh, harmoniously amalgamate with opulent spices and velvety undertones, giving birth to an essence of perfume marked by unparalleled distinction. Allow the enigmatic strata of these exclusive scents to murmur to the depths of your soul, bringing solace to your psyche. Enclosed within an exquisitely crafted glass vessel, the fragrance wands exude a subtly enchanting aroma without necessitating rotation. However, should you seek a more profound olfactory experience, the wands can be turned with greater frequency to align with your preference. Revel in a sophisticated and exceptional ambiance that lasts for a span of up to 5 months, and couple the fragrant wands with a corresponding candle to amplify your aromatic journey.

This assemblage offers a total of six scent alternatives, so be sure to explore the entire selection.