Maison Alhambra - Amberly Ombre Blue Eau de Parfum 100 ml

670,00 kr 426,00 kr

Experience a captivating journey with Maison Alhambra's Amberley Ombre Blue, a fragrance that beckons you into a seductive world of opulent ingredients. This perfume defies expectations by showcasing patchouli in a remarkably luminous manner, far removed from its traditional dark and enigmatic character. Surrender to the allure of this exquisitely captivating and refined scent. Its enticing journey begins with spicy opening notes of fig and pink peppers, illuminating the woody and enigmatic heart composed of patchouli, cedar, and Turkish rose. Finally, a harmonious base awaits to enchant you with notes of leather, ambroxan, and musk.


Inspired of Patchouli Ardent by Guerlain