Fragrance World - Icy Roses eau de parfum

480,00 kr 301,00 kr

"Icy Rose" by Fragrance World is an aromatic fragrance designed to captivate both women and men alike. Drawing its inspiration from the enchanting "Roses on Ice," this scent offers a harmonious blend of top notes featuring the crispness of cucumber, the allure of juniper berries, and the zestiness of lime. At its heart, a delicate and timeless rose note weaves its fragrant tapestry. As the scent unfolds, it culminates in a sensuous denouement, where musky undertones entwine with the velvety embrace of sandalwood. "Icy Rose" invites you on a journey through an olfactory masterpiece, a testament to the artistry of fragrance by Fragrance World.


Inspired of Roses On Ice by Kilian