Paris Corner - Eternal Coffee eau de parfum 85ML

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"Eternal Coffee" emerges as an aroma that commemorates the quintessence of a cherished custom - the relish of a steaming cup of java. Its aromatic fusion of coffee, luscious elements, and extravagant saccharinity orchestrates an olfactive concerto that entices you to relish every instant. Inspired by the aromatic opulence of recently brewed java, this fragrance beckons both gentlemen and ladies to embrace the perpetual charisma of this cherished libation.

At the inception, "Eternal Coffee" unveils an enthralling amalgamation of java, milky elements, and caramel. The robust and intrepid essence of java imbues the atmosphere, evoking mental pictures of newly roasted beans. The milky notes append a silken and consoling caress, while the caramel infuses a whisper of confection that titillates the faculties.

As the aroma matures, the core elements spring to life, unveiling a harmonious amalgamation of lactonic elements, coconut, and heliotrope. The lactonic elements contribute a silky and velvety attribute, evoking thoughts of plush milk. Coconut introduces a tropical subtlety, transporting you to a paradise of zest and bouquet. Heliotrope confers a whiff of floral mellowness, further augmenting the fragrance's comprehensive opulence.

In conclusion, the foundational elements provide a sustained and extravagant bedrock. Musk imparts a magnetic and alluring characteristic, enveloping you in its irresistible fascination. Sugar contributes a hint of confection, while tonka bean imparts a warm and soothing bouquet. Silky elements conclude the arrangement, leaving behind a velvety and creamy trace that lingers on the epidermis.

Immerse yourself in the unending charisma of "Eternal Coffee" by Paris Corner Perfumes and allow its aroma to transport you to a realm of aromatic elation and luxury.