Lattafa - Badee al Oud Sublime eau de parfum 100ML

€44,95 €34,95

Bade'e Al Oud Sublime, crafted by Lattafa Parfumes, introduces a novel fragrance belonging to the unisex category. It embodies a delightful fusion of fruity and musky elements. Commencing with the crisp essence of green apple, lychee, and a delicate rose, this fragrance envelops you with its charming and whimsical notes. In the core, the addition of plum and jasmine infuses complexity and succulence into the initial notes, leading to a remarkable transformation towards the finale. The concluding phase exudes a musky, earthy character, yet retains a sweet allure, thanks to the interplay of vanilla, patchouli, and musk. Your initial encounter with this fragrance will transport you to a damp forest, reminiscent of the aftermath of a summer storm, where you relish delectable rose jam.

This is an exceptional and pioneering fragrance, replete with multifaceted dimensions.