Fragrance World - Shalina eau de parfum 100ml


Enveloped by the graceful embrace of delicate wild lily of the valley and the vibrant peony, this fragrance is a radiant embodiment of femininity. It exudes a warm and invigorating aura, captivating the senses with its elegant blend of notes.

At the top, a refreshing blend of bergamot, lychee, nutmeg, and rhubarb sets the stage for this olfactory journey. These opening notes introduce a sense of brightness and intrigue, inviting you to explore the fragrance further.

In the heart of the scent, a harmonious fusion of vanilla, musk, peony, and Turkish rose unfolds, creating a rich and captivating bouquet. These notes intertwine seamlessly, evoking a sense of sensuality and allure that defines the essence of femininity.

As the fragrance deepens, it reveals its core elements. Cedar, cashmere, incense, and Haitian vetiver form the backbone of this composition, imparting depth and complexity. These main notes infuse the scent with a warm, comforting, and grounding quality, leaving a lasting impression that lingers with grace.

This fragrance is a celebration of the feminine spirit, a warm and energizing olfactory experience that captures the essence of beauty and sophistication.


Inspired of Delina Exclusif by Parfum de Marly