Emir - Chaos in the Ocean eau de parfum 100ML

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Be swept away with the captivating scent of A Chaos in the Ocean – a unisex fragrance from Paris Corner Perfumes that'll send you tumbling into the heart of a tumultuous sea! Experience the thrilling energy of an untamed ocean and revel in its natural beauty. Let yourself be seduced by the chaotic yet enchanting essence of the sea!

Discover the mesmerizing mix of captivating chaos and calming tranquility with this eau de parfum. This 100ml bottle features an energetic combination of top notes, heart notes and base notes for a captivating scent that will linger all day. Be transported to a place of serenity, with a grounding of ambrox, woody cedarwood and a sensual musk. Find your perfect balance of chaos and harmony!


Inspired of Megamare by Orto Parisi