Cool & Cool - Body wash Mukhalat 250 ml

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Cool & Cool Mukhalat Body Wash with a Mukhalat fragrance helps your skin feeling clean and refreshed after every wash. The timeless scent of Mukhalat rejuvenates your senses and gives you a luxurious bathing experience.


MUKHALAT FRAGRANCE: Consisting a mixture of essential oils, the sweet and aromatic Mukhalat aroma that has been perfectly crafted to give you the feel of Arabian Luxury.

LUXURIOUS FEEL: Indulgent body wash with a timeless Mukhalat fragrance that gives you fresh, soft & moisturised skin from the very first shower.

PLEASANTLY FRAGRANCED: Our mukhalat body wash is created to offer a shower experience to rejuvenate the senses with a timeless scent of Mukhalat.